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handbags for the 70s, 80s with new eco-luxe brand

After moving to Boston, Italian-born designers Laura Ravaioli and Francesca Lo Cascio realized that they wanted to actively participate in the transformation of the luxury fashion industry to ecologically sustainable development.

The two female entrepreneurs launched the sustainable luxury fashion brand INVOLUNTARY ICON and shared with the world their love for the beautiful and well-preserved handbags in the 70s and 80s, thus supporting the ethical fashion movement.

The brand's mission is to provide unique luxury vintage handbags that match contemporary tastes, and pointed out that Upcycling is not just reintroducing products that were previously marginal, but taking them to a higher level.

Every INVOLUNTARY ICON handbag comes from the past. Its rare and precious leather has a series of natural and unusual patterns and colors, beautifully made and restored.

Every Monday and Friday morning, new vintage handbags from the 1970s or 1980s will be displayed, as well as inspirational images of iconic women, as well as natural and architectural themes that inspired their designs.

According to the creative duo, each of the company's handbags is an independent prototype of a timeless style.

They said: "Our vision is to help customers define their own style, and at the same time make them a trend leader through our unique upgraded handbags." "The concept of each bag is an affirmation of the unparalleled style of our customers. Dedication Foresight in sustainable luxury style will keep our customers in the most popular fashion trends. Tradition is timeless and requires foresight. We are accompanied by excellent items at every moment. For us, if Everyone takes it with them, and this season's travel bag will no longer be a unique sign."

The INVOLUNTARY ICON bag is a 'wearable artwork': sister bags from the same famous vintage handbag brand can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, including artists such as Andy Warhol.

The bag is supplemented with INVOLUNTARY ICON signature elements (including optional new chain or vintage chain) and INVOLUNTARY ICON Cicada logo to ensure quality, originality and style.

Their latest project, VINTAGE + VINTAGE, provides a 100% vintage experience by adding a hand-selected vintage chain to each vintage bag and fusing multiple vintage sources to create a handbag.

Each bag comes with its own ID CODE certificate to ensure authenticity and uniqueness, and comes with luxurious ecological packaging, including reusable boxes and dust bags.

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