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Buying Fake Designer Handbags ON TikTok

When I was young, I used to dream of when I would grow up to the age to have my own designer bags. I remember watching my mother save it for a few months to buy her first Louis Vuitton wallet. I always dreamed that one day I could have a collection of high-end handbags of my own. Recently, I can't help but notice that people flock to my Instagram feeds to show off their brand new luxury bags from time to time, and start to suspect that in a global pandemic, everyone seems to be able to suddenly afford so many brand-name products! Until I discovered that many people were using DHgate to buy fake luxury handbags that I knew, the situation became more chaotic at the same time. I mean, who is that?

I still have the impression that one day, everyone just decided to splurge, and while scrolling through the "Me for You" page on TikTok, they came across the world of DHgate. Although counterfeit designer leather bags were once considered the most important of all fashionable faux leather bags, they seem not only to show off on TikTok, but also to be praised for their reasonable price tags. What confuses me is that anyone will deliberately use a fake package, let alone bragging on the Internet.

In the first TikTok I saw, a user proudly showed her four new handbags from Chanel, Saint Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Waiting for designers. At first glance, it seemed to be a standard bluff, inspo video of the wallet collection-then, I read the instructions. "So I finally placed an order for DHgate,...all the sum of all is below $100!". Confused? me too. Immediately, I clicked the DHgate hashtag and started scrolling. There are thousands of videos in TikTokers' videos, which boast about the designer's scammers, and have received 145.4 million views in total.

I hope the reviewers will criticize these luxury scammers, but instead, they encourage each other to buy similar fakes, and even share exact links and keywords to ensure that they are correct on DHgate (their website provides counterfeit goods at reasonable prices) Style. "I am a hodgepodge with high taste. DHgate saved my life!" wrote a satisfied commentator on another user's luggage haul.

Although I can be a college student, I still don't understand why these users are not ashamed when they release their own imitation products. More importantly, is all this allowed? If (like me) this is your introduction to DHgate, please allow me to further explain the man behind the scenes. DHgate is a Chinese e-commerce market website. To help you master it, it is basically a foreign version of Amazon. It's not the only place to brag about designer fakes, but it does seem to be the most popular place for Tiktok users, although the #dupe tag reveals that others have turned to Amazon and AliExpress for similar discoveries.

When I grew up, I admitted that I spent hours watching reviews on YouTube and looking for affordable wallets whose outlines mimicked the luxury handbags I was obsessed with. When I finally meet the messy people, if someone asks me if the handbag is a designer, I will happily show off my appearance. That is to say, I always tell the truth, I have never tried to treat my wallet as a real transaction, nor have I bought anything with fake designer brands or logos.

However, for fashionistas on TikTok, this is all fantasy: some of their orders even come with fake luxury receipts and authenticity cards so that they can claim that their luggage is legal. irony. Strange. TBH, if they don't give their own opinions, the rest of us will never know that these bags are not legal.

If it is not obvious, there are many mistakes in ordering fake handbags from rough places. It is not illegal to buy them, but it is illegal to sell them in the United States, which may be why so many people want to order from DHgate and ship from China.

Such exaggerated fakes not only contribute to such a notorious "perfect" lifestyle of fakes and so many displays on the Internet, but they also falter with disrespect for others when copying the work of designers or artists. It can be said that depriving these huge, multi-million-dollar fashion houses may not have a moral dilemma, but despite this, stealing their designs still violates their intellectual property rights.

On the other hand, the popularity of replica handbags actually proves that Generation Z has invested in designer brands. After all, the reason so many people want these fakes is largely due to their initial obsession with luxury brands. They want to look like Prada customers and LV regulars, and are willing to fake it until they make it. In fact, they will only let you know their little secrets in exchange for views of thousands of Tiktok.

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