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1: Are your handbags real or fake?

All of the handbags we sell are replicas, meaning that they were not made by the original brand name owner. However, we go to great lengths in replicating our handbags by using almost all the same materials (in most cases all the same materials) that are used in making the originals so as to have our replicas look and feel the same as the originals but cost much less!

You can be sure that if you purchase one of our replica designer handbags that no one will be able to notice that it is anything less than an original.

2: How long does shipping take?

Generally our items arrive within 5 to 15 Working day of purchase for any destination worldwide.

When you buy an item, we will then contact you within 48 hours of your order to provide you with a tracking number. This is why it is so important to give accurate contact information, especially telephone numbers and email addresses. If you are not at home when the item is delivered, the courier will leave a notice and you can then go and pick up your package at the nearest post office.

We guarantee our shipping, which means that we promise that the item you have ordered will arrive undamaged, in a timely manner, at your doorstep. If for any reason your product does not arrive, please contact our staff and we will investigate the matter for you, and then we will re-send the item at no cost to you.



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