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LuxuryTastic is a company that was born from the same frustrations you�ve probably experienced.
Just like you, we wanted to own luxury purses, bags, belts and etc. We loved the look and feel of products from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and other prestigious, high-end brands. We wanted the glamour, the status � and yes, the envious looks � that come with wearing expensive, extravagant designer products.

But just like you, we thought it was ridiculous to spend thousands of dollar on each designer product.

We tried buying a few cheap copies from street vendors and various websites, but quite honestly, they were substandard. Bad design, poor stitching, low-quality leather � no one who really knew high-end products would mistake these purses for the real thing. You�ve likely had the same experience.

That�s when we decided that we could do much, much better. And that�s exactly what we�ve done. Today we offer the finest lookalike designer bags and products available anywhere: luxurious, high-quality and impeccable replicas of the world�s most desired bags, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Our motto: luxury and quality don�t have to be expensive.

It was a long process to get to there, though.

We started by scraping up enough money to invest in research. We carefully studied all of the exclusive brand-name purses on the market, as well as the most popular knockoffs manufactured in factories around the world.

We learned how to tell a cheaply-made copy, and what was required to produce a high-quality replica. We became experts on materials, stitches, hardware, logos and everything else that goes into creating a luxury designer product.

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