factorywholesale.ru located in Putian city, Fujian province, China. Our city is called "Shoes City", also Putian city is Mazu's hometown, Mazu is a goddess. Every year, lunar March 23 is the Mazu's birthday, many foreigner come to our city for traveling and vowing to Mazu goddess

Payment Information

We will send your order details include our below payment information to your email after you place an order.

 1.   XOOM (a paypal company, can pay by paypal and credit card at xoom.com. )

 2.   ( 3% off ) TT / Wire Transfer (you can conveniently make payment at local bank or their E-banking, online banking and other bank transfer platform)
       International bank like: Citibank (USA),  Bank of Montreal (CA), ANZ(NZ), NAB (AU), Royal Bank of Scotland (UK), Deutsche Bank (DE), BNP Paribas SA (FR), UniCredit (IT), ING (NL), UUBS AG (CH) etc.

 3.   Paysend.com

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