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Paypal / Credit Card Payment

DHL Shipments

Currently, although we do fulfill all of our clock orders within 1-2 business days, we will only have a shipper reference number and not the online tracking status. They only have a limited number of cargo flights internationally and given the inability of other couriers such as EMS to make deliveries, there is a large influx of demand for their services.
Therefore there will be a queuing time before DHL scans in the package and updates the package with a waybill / tracking number.
At present, this wait time varies between 6-12 days.

EMS Shipments

EMS is currently no longer able to make deliveries in a large portion of countries due to a lack of commercial flights, and also localized COVID-19 measures and restrictions (eg. lockdown conditions, road closures, social distancing laws etc)
Thus in cases affected we will be using alternative couriers such as DHL or specialized local companies providing services to the destination country (if available) to make the deliveries.
For US, UK and the majority of EU nations where EMS is still operational, please be advised that there will be delays as well, officially EMS has stated that it is no longer able to maintain pre COVID-19 service times, and on our end we are seeing delays of up to a month in some areas


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