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Order Policy

There is NOT minimum order requirement.

1.For Shoes/bedding order

2.For Clothes/Scarf/Glove/Umbrella/Belt/Bikini/Underwear/Necktie/bath towel order

If an order is less then 12 pieces items, the buyer shall pay $20 USD for the shipping fee for EMS shipment.

We offer FREE shipping if the order is more then 12 pieces items for EMS shipment.

We give high and flexible discount for familiar customers and for bulk order, click the discount policy to view the detail.


  We accept the following ways of Payment:

  1.Credit card payment

  We accept the Visa and Master card payment.  This is a convenient way to pay by online.

 If the payment of your transaction was failed, the reason may be as below:

 1) Invaild address, do not write invalid letter like /,-- , or Latin, Spain letters ,only English letter.
 2) Invalid expiration date.
 3) Transaction cannot be processed. Max number of bad attempts has been reached.
 4) Risk denied the transaction
 5) Invalid Credit Card number (parameter credit_card_number).
 6) Transaction declined by bank
 7) The checksum submitted is invalid.

  2. Moneygram or Western  Union

  The quickest way to send the money, And we can receive the money in 10 minutes. If you choose these payments, You can enjoy extra 8% off  for your order.
  3.Bank Wire Transfer

  It will take us for 3 to 4 business days to receive the payment. If you choose these payments, You can enjoy extra  8% off  for your order. 

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