Top 5 reasons for Rolex not using see through back

As you probably know that the movement is the core of any watch. To be more precise, it's the engine or powerhouse of any timer. Rest assured that the movement controls the entire inner functionality of your watch. Starting from accurately displaying the date and time or moon cycle, everything is controlled by the watch movement. Nowadays, a see-through back design of automatic mechanical watches has been so popular.

This design provides the wearer a great view of the core/heart of the watch i.e. the movement. Despite the marvelous popularity, it's also true that not every brand has adopted the see-through back design. For example, Rolex has never adopted the see-through back design. Please note that Rolex watches have a huge demand and popularity among fashion enthusiast customers. What's more, Rolex watches are even popular among celebrities too. To be more precise, celebrities and Rolex are quite synonymous. But, why has the brand never attempted to adopt a see-through back design? Well, to know more about the probable reasons, please quickly check the following sections.

Five reasons for Rolex not using the see-through back

1 Problems with magnetism: Rolex focuses more on the reliability and durability of their timers. It has been scientifically found that watches that have a transparent back are not much resistant to magnetism. In fact, such timers act as a shield to magnetism. And, that's how a see-through back can possibly hamper the functionality and reliability of a timer which the brand i.e. Rolex simply doesn't want.

2 Problems with water resistance: Just like the magnetism, watches that have a transparent back have problems with water resistance. Those timers are not resistant to water pressure which can be particularly problematic for diving watches. This can be another reason due to which the prestigious Rolex brand has not yet adopted the see-through back design.

3 No propensity to the new design or design change: Apparently, it's quite true for the Rolex brand. The brand has never willing to change its design. Instead, the brand has more or less followed their own in-house designs so far. This is one of the reasons for which the brand has not opted for the new and advanced see-through back design for their watch productions.

4 Rolex is synonymous with tool watches: Rolex is primarily known for building tool watches. For example, the brand has consistently produced watches for soldiers, divers, and more. These watches are meant to be used for their accuracy, precision, and functionality, not for only visual beauty! That's why the brand is not focused on adopting the see-through design.

5 Rolex movements may not have any special visual looks: Rolex movements typically don't have any special visual looks or finishing. That's why there is no point in having a see-through or transparent back design.

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