Take Prada Bag in an Exciting New Direction Resort 2017

We've become so used to Steven Meisel photographing Prada's advertising campaigns that you could've knocked us over with a feather when Willy Vanderperre was unveiled as Miuccia Prada's latest lensman. Not to mention throwing in an actress as the face of the brand's new Resort 2017 campaign. Jessica Chastain stars in the newly-unveiled campaign looking gorgeous as she wanders around the city of Milan in a series of cinematic images

Our forum members couldn't contain their excitement. "OMG Jessica for Prada Outlet!!!! My dream came true!" heralded a delighted zzzyao76 the second the campaign dropped.

"This is so unexpected but I love it. The styling and photography are great but also the sets and Jessica bring something unique," added kokobombon.

In agreement over how terrific the campaign turned out was jeffandtheworld: "She models better than top models today. Though I am a fan of Meisel, Willy suits Prada in UK perfectly. Great images!"

"This is VERY impressive! One of the best celebrity campaigns in recent years of any brand, it even looks better than most model-fronted campaigns," echoed VogueDisciple93.

Dodencebt felt the same way. "Dior and Vuitton, take note- this is how you get a celebrity to promote your bags. Effortless, beautiful, serene. Completely in tune with the brand. Jessica photographs like a dream, this is incredible in my eyes," he commented.

Phuel made his feelings clear, rejoicing, "OMG. This is the brand of cinematic, lush world building imagery that mesmerized back in the day with their campaigns that I thought Prada Sale had forgotten about."

"My goodness, color me impressed! He took this ugly collection and made it shine. I've never seen Prada bags look this good in any of Meisel's ads, ever. They look absolutely fantastic, and desirable! This is the direction they've been needing to go in. I really hope Willy is shooting the spring campaign, it would be incredible," raved GivenchyHomme.


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